Brendan Mulholland's Traditional Flute School

  • Tutor: Brendan Mulholland
  • Level: Advanced

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Traditional Flute School - Key Use and Scales


Brendan brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to this online Traditional Flute School. Combine this with great humour, encouragement, and many stories about tunes along the way, it makes for a very informative, relaxed, and enjoyable experience!

This flute school has a very strong emphasis on practice techniques and there is a separate course on this alone to cover the basic beginner to very advanced on daily routines and how to approach ornamentation. There is the beginner, intermediate and advanced courses and for extra value Brendan had also added sections for key work & scales and if that’s not enough there will be a B flat suite where tunes will be added on the low B flat flute, one for the aficionados!

You will have access to Brendan for advice, mentoring and most of all feedback on how you are getting on via the various groups and music pages associated with the music school.

At least a year’s worth of material should keep you busy and new tunes will be added to this. You will also have access to join Brendan’s private (Flute Craic Sessions) happening every few months. This will provide a meeting place where all the students can join Brendan from his home for a session on a Saturday evening via zoom, pour a glass of wine get the flute out and play TUNES!!


  • Beginner Course - 9 Video Lessons including ABC notations.


  • Intermediate Course - 10 Video Lessons including ABC notations.


  • Advanced Course - 9 Video Lessons.


  • The 9 Techniques - 9 Video Lessons


  • Key Use and Scales


  • The Bb Suite


Videos and recordings by Dermot Mulholland (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)



Plan Name Price
1 Month: £ 29.50
6 Months: £ 150.00
1 Year: £ 280.00


Brendan Mulholland

Co. Antrim born flute player Brendan Mulholland from Glenavy is widely regarded as one of the finest exponents of traditional Irish flute playing in Ireland today. He is in constant demand both at home and abroad for his flute concerts, workshops and lectures. His online music school has enlisted students from all over the world.  Brendan has featured on several studio albums and has performed throughout Europe and the USA with artists such as Music in the Glen, Gráinne Holland, Realta, BrÍd Harper and Duo Mulholland & McCluskey. His first solo recording Jean’s Hill, released in 2012, was met with much critical acclaim and his trio act Music in the Glen with Conor Lamb and Deirdre Galway have also received widespread recognition on their debut album in 2018. The most resent album Mulholland & McCluskey with long time music partner Micky McCluskey has been described as “Musical Mastery” IRISH NEWS - Robert McMillen.

Courses by this tutor

Name Level Release Date
Brendan Mulholland's Traditional Flute School 21-05-2022



All courses require a stable internet connection capable of streaming high-quality video, and a device to view the video on.

For Brendan's Traditional Flute School courses you will require a keyless flute for the beginner and intermediate courses, and a keyed flute will be required for the Advanced course.

F flute: Geert Lejuene -
D flute: Solen Lesouef -
D & E flat: Stephane Morvan -

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Traditional Flute School - Key Use and Scales