John McSherry's Complete Uilleann Pipes

  • Tutor: John McSherry


John has a wealth of experience in teaching both Uilleann Pipes and whistles and his reputation as an outstanding player is known the world over. His unique approach to teaching, from the very basics to the more advanced, makes for a very enjoyable learning experience. The ‘Complete Uilleann Pipes’ continues to grow and has already helped countless students on their musical journey.


Start learning from whatever level you are at!

Beginners, Improvers and Advanced -  

Over a year’s worth of learning divided into three intensive courses with around 50 tune learning lessons, dozens of unique exercises to enhance technique, both standard and ABC notation for the tunes as well as document aids for 'Learning to Play by Ear'.                                                                                                             Choose your own starting point and begin learning at your ability level in your own time and at your own pace!

Shot in 60 fps hi-def video with top quality audio, each lesson features unique exercises and tips to master techniques, and structured learning of tunes.

Video lessons can be played back in slow-mo and sections can be looped - ideal for learning.


Beginners Course (6 videos)

An intensive course with 6 videos.

This course starts with the absolute basics - setting up, positioning, bellows & bag action, fingering, scales etc, and moves on through time keeping & foot tapping, chanter stops, top octave, popping, note articulation and essential ornamentation such as cuts, short cuts, taps and rolls. With fourteen tune learning lessons (accompanied by basic standard and ABC notation) and loads of unique exercises to enhance technique, this course will dramatically improve beginner’s playing within weeks, and will have absolute beginners playing in no time at all.

Tunes -

Lesson 1 - Twinkle Twinkle, Eileen Aroon (March), The Dawning of the Day (March)

Lesson 2 - Roddy McCorley (March), The South Wind (Waltz)

Lesson 3 - Bean Pháidín (Jig), Planxty Irwin (Waltz)

Lesson 4 - The Britches full of Stitches (Polka), The Kerry Polka, Na Ceannabháin Bhána (Slip Jig)

Lesson 5 - Tripping up the Stairs (Jig), Moll Roe (Slip Jig),

Lesson 6 - The Rambling Pitchfork (Jig), Morrison's (Jig)


Improvers Course (8 videos)

An intensive course with 8 videos.

Following on from the Beginners module, this course features a further nineteen tune learning lessons and focuses on more complex technique such as rolls, graces, double graces, bounces, slides, rolls & cuts, rolls & taps, rolling tap rolls, vibrato, back D thumb cuts, short rolls, crans (long & short), tight triplets, tight tapping, tight & open style, tight back thumb C cuts, popping and more. With a set of unique exercises to enhance your technique, this course will dramatically improve your playing within weeks. There are some standard and ABC notations for this course, as the emphasis moves to learning to play by ear in line with the Irish Tradition. 


Tunes -

Lesson 1 - My Darling Asleep (Jig), The Wind that Shakes the Barley (reel)

Lesson 2 - Merrily Kissed the Quaker (Jig), The Cock and Hen (Slip Jig)

Lesson 3 - Out on the Ocean (Jig), The Rolling Waves (Jig), Aoibhinn Cronan (Air)

Lesson 4 - The Silver Slipper (Hop Jig), The Rolling Waves 2 (Jig)

Lesson 5 - The Cordal (Jig), The Plains of Boyle (Hornpipe), Alexander’s (Hornpipe)

Lesson 6 - Brian O’Lynn’s (Jig), An Phis Fhliuch (Jig)

Extra Tunes 1 - Queen of the Rushes (Jig), Lady of the House (Reel)

Extra Tunes 2 - Fraher’s (Jig), I Buried My Wife and Danced on Top of Her (Jig), The Flogging (Reel)


Advanced Tunes & regulators (6 videos)

Advanced tune learning videos of John playing tunes and breaking them down slowly for you to learn. You also get an up-close and detailed insight into John's personal style and technique with plenty of tips thrown in. Some of the videos also focus on regulator playing. This is for the more advanced players who have already attained a good level of proficiency and have learned all the technique from the previous videos. There are no ABC notations for this course! 

Lesson 1 - The Enchanted Lady (Reel), The Boys of Ballisodare (Reel)

Lesson 2 - The Cameronian (reel), The Chestnut Tree (Slip Jig)

Lesson 3 - The Gold Ring (Jig)

Lesson 4 - The Humours of Ballyloughlin (Jig), The Chandelier (reel)

Lesson 5 - Michael Dwyer’s (Jig), The Langstrom Pony (Jig)

Lesson 6 - Colonel Frazer’s (Regs) (Reel)


John is available to consult via the Whistle and Pipes Private Facebook group.


Monthly subscription - £29.50 per month - Unlimited access to all pipe courses and lessons each month. (No commitments - stay as long as you like and cancel anytime) 

Six Month Subscription - £150 (15% discount) - Unlimited access to all pipe courses and lessons for six months. 

Yearly subscription - £280 (20% discount) - Unlimited access to all pipe courses and lessons for a year.


Plan Name Price
1 Month: £ 29.50
6 Months: £ 150.00
1 Year: £ 280.00


John McSherry

John McSherry has been a major figure in Irish/Celtic music for over twenty years now and is hailed as one of the finest exponents of the art of Uilleann Piping in the world today -- "a true master" -- Irish Music Magazine. He won two All-Ireland piping championships at the age of fourteen and was the youngest ever winner of the prestigious Oireachtas Piping Competition in 1988, going on to represent Ireland at the Lorient Inter-Celtic Festival that year as a result.

 A founder member of top trad bands Lúnasa, Tamalin and Donal Lunny's ground-breaking supergroup Coolfin in the 1990s, John has subsequently produced an array of critically acclaimed and innovative albums, both solo and collaborative, including his latest album, 'The Seven Suns'. His piping has featured on many film and TV soundtracks including, 'There You'll Find me', 'Waking Ned Devine' and 'This Is My Father' and he has twice been the recipient of an IMA award:‘Best New Irish Album’ (2010) and ‘Best Uilleann Piper' (2009) as well as being nominated for 'Musician of the Year' at the 2017 BBC Radio 2 Folk Awards. He is also co-author of the book 'The Wheels of the World' - 300 years of Uilleann Pipers’ which was released in the Autumn of 2015.

John has performed all over the world on many of the great stages from the Royal Albert Hall to Glastonbury Festival and is widely admired on the Irish traditional scene as an offstage character and an onstage magician. He is a prolific composer, producer, arranger and an established studio session musician of world class renown, recording and performing with a myriad of artists including Clannad, Sinéad O'Connor, Rod Stewart, Nanci Griffiths, Gary Kemp and The Corrs. John continues to push the boundaries of Irish music with his current bands Ulaid, At First Light and The Olllam.



All courses require a stable internet connection capable of streaming high-quality video, and a device to view the video on.

For John McSherry's Complete Uilleann Pipes (in Concert D) you require only a set of pipes in Concert D. John recommends uilleann pipes made by:

Aaron O’Hagan -

Patrick O’Hare -


Exercise files