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In most instances there is ABC notation for Beginners -
For the Improvers and Advanced courses, the availability is variable from course to course, tutor to tutor. However, in the world of Trad playing, cultivating the ability to play by ear is vital, and - for the most part - our courses encourage this aspect of the Tradition very strongly. For Traditional tune notation, we recommend visiting There you will find ABC and Standard notations of a vast array of tunes, often with many variations. Frequently, these are transcriptions of versions performed by some of the greatest Trad musicians, while others are personal interpretations provided by members. It is a particularly good resource for learning the different names that tunes travel under, and for comparing the various mutations and evolutions of tunes.

To access your course, all you need to do is make sure you are signed-in, then navigate to the course page. 

Under the "Contents" tab, you should see a list of Modules and their Lessons. Click on any Lesson, and that Lesson will open.
NB: Be sure to check the other tabs (particularly "Requirements" and "Exercise Files") as there will be important or useful information or material there.

F flute: Geert Lejuene -
D flute: Solen Lesouef -
D & E flat: Stephane Morvan -
In Ireland, flute maintenance is provided by: Aaron O’Hagen -

Uilleann Pipes
Aaron O’Hagen -
Patrick O’Hare -

Low Whistles
Colin Goldie -

Yes, our tutors are contactable through the ‘Whistle and Pipes’ private Facebook group, or through any additional mean listed by them within their tutor page or course page(s).

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IMPORTANT: At this time we do not offer automatic recurring billing. So, for example, if you sign up to a monthly subscription, you will be billed immediately. One month later, you will be notified that your subscription is about to end. If you do not manually renew your subscription at that point, you will receive another system notification to tell you that your subscription has expired. Thereafter, if you have not renewed, you will receive two further reminders from our system. After a month has passed, you will receive no further reminders from our system (although you may receive contact from your tutor(s) regarding the course at some point).